FOES Shaver 27.5 FXC MTB

FOES‘ newest revamp to their line actually dropped back at Interbike this year and by dropped, I mean a few pounds. While keeping to their monocoque aluminum construction, Brent engineered a new, lighter tubeset and reshaped the rear swingarm, shaving almost a whole pound off the rear alone.

This 27.5 Shaver FXC is a cross country racer’s dream bike. Coming in around 23lbs complete, laced with SRAM’s XX1 group, Fox Float CTD shock in the rear and the trusty Rock Shox front fork, this 4.5″ to 5″ travel bike has adjustability built in at the rear shock. Sliding the bolt down the gusset at the linkage can change the front end.

I’ve ridden a fair amount of modern mountain bikes and I can say, this is one of the first 27.5 machines I was visibly salivating over. How can you go wrong with that color? Retail will be around $2,400 for the frameset… Expect these to drop later this spring. For now, see more in the Gallery!

  • I’d almost forgotten how sexy aluminium welds could be!

  • don’t really see why this is considered a monocoque frame.. I’m pretty certain the frame has internal strengthening

    • Did you look at my shop visit photos? It’s totally monocoque. No internal strengthening… two halves, welded down the center.

      • Well no.. Seattubes, headtubes and bottom brackets are welded in, seems to me like these parts have internal strengthening.

        • Ok. Well, the tubes don’t have any internal strengthening. They’re two halves, welded together and then butted / welded onto the HT, BB, etc – but the tubes themselves are monocoque.

          If you want to continue this, you can go argue with FOES about their construction nomenclature! ;-)

          • haha ok, I was just wondering why it’s called monocoque since this would easily pass as a tubular/spaceframe which in any engineering would be the opposite of monocoque.

            But I guess if you look at it from that angle you/they are absolutely right, still a hell of machine though!

  • wheels_go_round

    What ride are you diggin more, the Crüz Tallboy or the Foes?

    • I like a 29r wheel. The 27.5 I rode was a trail bike. It didn’t want to climb on singletrack but ate up descents.
      Haven’t ridden any Foes 29″ to really say.

      I do know that a long travel bike isn’t really the kind of ride I need. 120mm is more than enough for around these parts…

      • boomforeal

        if you are having a hard time getting a 5″ 23 lb trail bike to climb, you might want to check the engine ;)

        • I rode a 30lb bike, not the XC version and it wasn’t fire road it was right and technical switchback. Aka EVERYONE was talking some of it.