Cycles d’Autremont 27.5 Singlespeed Hardtail

Earlier last week, I showcased that red Cycles d’Autremont road bike and now, his 27.5 hardtail takes the stage. Much like the last bike, Hubert wanted to experiment with a simple, clean fillet-brazed frame.

Since it’s his own personal bike, he felt that it’d be the perfect platform to test out his geometry and construction. While he was in Arizona visiting family, he got to ride this thing on all his favorite trails. From what I gather, he’s pretty stoked on it.

After we shredded Pace Bend park while he was in town, I took some photos of this beaut on a crisp and clear Texas winter day. See more in the Gallery!

  • Jack Luke

    Faast, nice and compact.

  • Chris Valente

    Man that is a sweet ride. But I have to say that head badge is just gorgeous…

  • Gabriel Lyman

    So good!

  • Jake Kruse

    looks like it would rip, SS hardtail is pure fun.

  • That’s a cute little tractor!

  • AttackCowboy

    That blue + pewter CK + Thomson + head badge + craftsmanship = dream bike.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    If fixed freestyle came just a little later, I wonder how 650B would have affected the wheel size debate

    • A few people tried 650B in Brooklyn… Tires were an issue.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Is that Renthal chainring a narrow-wide? I like the looks of it and it comes in a 44t, which could be good for a 1x cross set-up.

    • btdubs

      Just get a Race Face. They just started making 5 bolt 110BCD Narrow Wide ‘cross rings.

  • boomforeal

    steel frames with fat headtubes look weird

    • Fox and RockShox stopped making 1 1/8″ forks.

      • boomforeal

        those heartless bastards

    • Morgan Taylor

      I’m a fan of the 44mm headtube phenomenon. Are you talking hand built steel with smaller tube diameters? Or that even frames like the current Chromag crop look weird?

      • boomforeal

        yeah no its the tubing. aesthetically this bike is right in my wheelhouse – overlong chainstays, steep head tube, road saddle, etc. – but the beer can holding the fork in the place kills it for me :(

        • btdubs

          Dude, fat head tubes on steel bikes are killer, and help you shred harder. Facts!

          • boomforeal

            uh, slack angles, short chainstays, wide bars, real tires and stubby stems help you shred harder. fat head tubes simply let you keep up with ever-changing industry “standards”

          • I mean for bigger dudes it does help!

          • boomforeal

            fair enough, at a buck fifty soaking wet i wouldn’t know. that said, how hard can you shred on a singlspeed hardtail with norba-looking geometry and three inches of squish?

          • So, I have a road bike with a carbon ENVE 1 1/8″ fork and two bikes with carbon ENVE 1 1/2″ forks. I highly prefer the tapered forks. My new hardtail will have a rad new tapered headtube made by Solid that follows the taper of the fork. I.e. it looks less like a beer can and more like the taper.

            I think with all technology, it takes a while for it to be dialed in. Look at Di2. Soon you won’t even see those ugly fuckin’ batteries. A lot of builders are embedding them in stems, etc.

            Personally, I get what Hubert is doing. He’s trying to make a no-nonsense MTB frame that uses modern tech but has some really clean fillets. On this bike, I think the tapered head tube works with the proportions. Especially with the 27.5 wheels and big tires.

          • Hubert d’Autremont

            There are no standards in this industry, just new options and old ones. I’ll admit the 44mm head tube isn’t my favorite aesthetically, but tapered steerers kick ass. With road I can do a 1.25 taper instead of 1.5 so I can make a head tube that is lighter, plenty stiff and more proportional IMHO. That said there just isn’t a different option yet. Can’t wait to see your Rosko John!

          • boomforeal

            steel frames with fat headtubes look weird / I’ll admit the 44mm head tube isn’t my favorite aesthetically
            and so after much “debate” the circle is complete

          • Morgan Taylor

            Just to be clear, it’s a straight 44mm head tube, with an internal upper cup and an external lower cup, accommodating a tapered steerer fork. This size has a smaller ID than a “standard” mountain bike head tube.

          • yep

          • Doug M.

            dood, getting rad is about getting rad, not the bike you get rad on.