A Look at the 2014 Giro New Road Mens and Womens Collection Feb 20, 2014



After the first year of Giro’s New Road line, a call was heard from the masses. Women wanted in on the line. Giro wanted it to be good though and rather than simply altering the current men’s lineup to fit women, they hired a female clothing designer and started from scratch.

For the 2014 Women’s New Road photoshoot, Giro picked a group of women ranging from a US National CX Champ, to a leader in advocacy and other figures in the industry. Their intent was to show a range of body types, personalities and styles to convey authenticity to women, and fits many styles. A female photographer, Michael Crook also shot the entire lookbook.

For the 2014 men’s line, not much changed as the classic pieces were established in the first season. However, the outerwear got a few new pieces including a wind vest and jacket, along with more layering options for brisk morning rides. All men’s photos were taken by Chris Milliman.

The 2014 Giro New Road line contains both casual and performance-minded pieces, for men and women, along with their California Collection: garments made by hand in California.

Eric Richter from Giro sent over a collection of photos from the lookbook, showcasing the men’s and women’s line, along with a few casual city riding shots. Check out more below and see the entire Giro New Road Men’s and Women’s line at your local bike shop or online.

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Mens_MobilityPant_WindVest_Aspect_J6A7547 2

Mens_RideCrewPockets_J6A7612 2

I love that Black Cat!

  • big Al

    they blew it on the pricing. going for the clean, simple design and image but missed the niche for affordability. i will just continue to blow my money on rapha who did it first and do it better.

    • I don’t think it’s anything like Rapha, with no offense directed at them. It’s more casual and the designs are completely different with the venting and pocket system. Some of works, some of it doesn’t in my opinion.

      Having worn Giro and Rapha plenty, I can see a market for both. Personally, I love the CA Collection and it’s actually quite affordable as far as made in the USA tech clothing is concerned.

      If it’s all black, or grey, I’ll wear it, which is why I like the Acre stuff a lot.

      • Ace Metric Cycles

        I noticed at The tradeshow how much of the Giro new road is NOT made in the US- more than I thought and there doesn’t seem to be any reflection in price for the Chinese made SKUs. It was a tough decision because I really like some of the pieces, but we passed on carrying it- at least for now. I agree- different demo than Rapha

  • Jesse

    Do people actually wear this category of clothing? On either end of the spectrum are performance kits for the road and skinny jeans or work clothes for the city/commuting…these look like the choices for the rides I dream about doing but never will actually do.
    They do look sweet.

    • I wear it all the time on my mountain bike and cross bike, or when I’m touring / bike camping.