A Gift to My Mom Feb 3, 2014


Last summer, after I watched my mom cross the finish line of her first century, I went over to congratulate her and took her bike away so she could sit down. She has been riding mostly flat routes back home in coastal North Carolina but that century packed in 5,000′ of elevation. After watching this woman fight against all kinds of internal struggles on that ride, I promised that I’d set her up with a proper road bike this year.

It seems that I always go to Ian Sutton of Icarus Frames when it comes to building custom bikes for the women in my life (Lauren’s Commuter), so I contacted Ian for this one.

Keeping it simple, we went with True Temper OX Platinum, an ENVE fork and a Paragon removable hanger. It just got back from the painters at Circle A and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

See some more below and hopefully, I’ll be able to post the bike post-build.




  • Greg Ralich

    A million times YES! Getting a family member, especially a parent, on a well-made bicycle is one of the most rewarding and intrinsically good deeds out there. Hope she loves it!

  • Scott

    #1 son

  • gorgeous, jfc

  • Jed Kornbluh

    Nicely done.

  • cyclepath


  • Mark Reimer

    Damn! Wish I was your mom.

  • Jake Ricker

    Way to make us all look bad!

    • Jake Ricker

      But seriously!
      Beyond awesome!
      Absolutely LOVE the color!
      Switching over the other parts?
      Or a whole new build?
      If so, whats going on this amazing frame?

      • This frame drained my bank accounts. I’m going to try to find some SRAM 10-speed stuff….

        • AttackCowboy

          If you need a headset, I’d donate the black Cane Creek 110 I pulled out of the All-City Zona I just bought. I’m not using it for anything and moms are the best cause.

        • Jake Ricker

          I was about to sell my Campy Chorus 10 group off my Weigle.
          Text me if you’re interested.
          I will hook it up.

        • Kurtz

          I’ve got a Rival rear derailleur you’re welcome to as well.

  • Adan Pinto

    Very nice, perfect for a mother.