Yonder Journal: Skid Town Bicycles Jan 23, 2014


During the Mythical State of Jefferson Brovet (the ride where I didn’t bonk), we met this character named Kevin Krueger who makes Skid Town Bicycles. These things were built specifically for bombing fireroads and double track and while there ain’t much information on the ‘net about these klunkers, Yonder Journal did manage to capture a few suave gents posing on some of Kevin’s machines.

I felt like it was worth sharing today, especially with Bene’s Trek gracing the front page of the site.

From what I can gather, the Mythical State of Jefferson Brovet is almost ready to launch. I can’t wait to see the photos from that ride!

  • Brian Vernor

    One of the founders of Skidtown bikes was in The Morrow Dirt Club of Cupertino. Skidtown was featured in BIKE Magazine (2007?), which is beyond internet memory. One member of the Morrow Dirt Club fixed his cruiser up with a rear der’, essentially inventing the mountain bike. Others are better versed in the exact timeline, and regardless of who most people attribute the invention of the mountain bike to, these guys were OG (in internet history terms).

  • Chazz Michaels
  • Brad Hodges

    I made the frames pictured above for Kevin and Skidtown way back in 07
    Before the Bike mag article was published .
    As a kid growing up in Cupertino I had always herd stories about Russ and his gang bombing the trails up behind our neighborhood . It was a real honor to build these for his son in law Kevin

  • Nicolas Coia

    Who doesn’t want to bomb some hills on one of these?

  • billysavage

    If you’re interested in how Skidtown came to be, you’d probably enjoy my film, Klunkerz, about the history of off-road cycling. The Morrow Dirt Club played a major role in the development of the world now knows as the mountain bike.