Women in Cycling Jan 4, 2014

… never get the attention or recognition they deserve.

  • Jaap


  • zeeeeeeecore

    ok, this may sound cheesey as fuck but i got the video on mute and “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” on the background. LOL

  • Thanks for posting this but I have to say the organization that made this video is pretty odd. If it is trying to be a feminist cycling organization or a pro-women cycling organization, it is not doing a very good job.

    First, I have a feeling the website is not run by women. Under the mission it says “I Love Girl Riders is a celebration of GIRLS doing what they like = riding!!!.” Emphasis on the “they.” If it was run by women it would probably say “we.” Maybe they are a group of men trying to be allies to women? If so, that is great, but they should make that clear.

    Now look at their slogans: “my doctor says: ‘a girl rider is the cure,'” “relationship status: waiting for a girl rider,” “I am crazy for girl riders,” etc. These slogans are objectifying women and all about promoting women’s cycling for the benefit of men: so men can date, get with, admire, etc. a female cyclist. These slogans are not about promoting women’s cycling for the sake of women.

    Finally, referring to adult, grown women as “girls” is just kind of odd.

    Again, nothing against you, or you posting it, just an analysis from a female feminist cyclist that some people might be interested in. I had free time….I’m on winter break : D