West America’s New Shop in Whistler Jan 20, 2014


I’m not into motos at all, but I can respect individuals like Jordan and James over at West America. They’re both unique artists and have inspired people to get outdoors. Introduction aside, this article really blew me away. After leaving Portland, James built this work shed in Whistler from salvaged materials, for around $1,000. The architect in me is loving its simplicity!

Whistler’s a huge MTB haven and I’d love to check it out one day, when I do, I’m pretty sure there’s room for my bike in the shed and a few trees for my hammock.

Head over to West America for the full story!

Also, Hufnagel is still selling that SS porteur if anyone’s interested!

  • mywynne

    Yes, come through Vancouver/Whistler!

  • Samuel Chisholm

    Hey John, I’m curious as to why you’re not into motos? The joy of riding and the aesthetic values of a moto are very similar to riding a bicycle.

    • Except that whole fossil fuel burning thing and the oil. Bikes aren’t anything like motos IMO, except for their two wheels. I’m not trying to be a dick, but a bicycle is powered by humans. It’s just not my thing… I’d rather move and get fit than sit.

      • brennan

        Overall, bicycles still have a high energy cost of production, utilize a fair amount of petroleum, and there is still no efficient way of disposing of used bicycle parts and components (i.e. tires, tubes, cable, housing, etc). It’s not all flowers and rainbows, but yes still better than most motorized vehicles.

        Doesn’t a Prius reside in your driveway??

        I’m not hating by any means, just pointing out generally overlooked items. Time for more up cycle programs!

        • Cool dude.

          It’s not my fucking car.

          • brennan

            Sometimes you take comments way to seriously. I know you get a lot of opinions on YOUR blog. Yes, it is YOUR blog. You should reread that last sentence man. And relax.

          • I know what you’re saying but you took a comment that I actually enjoyed reading and made it a personal attack at me.

            It’s one thing to engage in a debate, or conversation, but to turn it against me, personally, isn’t cool.

            Imagine if all day long, people made comments about you, to you and picked apart your life. You’d get tired of it real quick…

            I’m not mad, I just don’t see why pointing out my lady’s car has anything to do with me not liking motorcycles, other than you trying to point out some sort of hypocrisy.

        • Aaron

          The bicycle is the most efficient mode of transportation period. The most efficient vehicle ever invented and more efficient than any means mother nature ever came up with. More efficient than a condor in flight. And you stay fit. And lit on endorphins.

          • … and besides, motos require constant energy in the form of fossil fuels.

      • Samuel Chisholm

        Yeah cool… I find them like arrows in a quiver.

  • ap