Tytanium Life Jan 15, 2014



One person that’s constantly inspiring me in life is Ty from Golden Saddle Cyclery. From crushing the Tour Divide, to riding his fatbike to the top of Baldy (10,000′) in the middle of winter and just general radness. Ty’s always got a camera on him when he seeks out one of his epic rides and I’ve rarely seen any of the photos.

Now he’s got a Tumblr called Tytanium Life. Head over, follow him and stay tuned. I’m sure you’ll see some familiar faces in the mix.

  • Spencer Brown

    I want to meet this dude someday!

    • He’ll be in Austin at some point. We’ll hang, don’t worry.

  • Adam Miller

    The Tour Divide was already on my bucket list (by which I mean my “do this before you turn 35 list”), and reading about Ty doing it just made me want to do it that much more.

    Also, Ty’s fatbike-launching skills defy the imagination. I’m not sure gravity applies to him.

  • Mt. Baldy is right in my backyard. Do you know where he started his ride from? And which trail he used once the pavement ends? And if he was able to bike up every part or if he had to hike some? Thats so awesome that he road to the summit! There is a lot of scree and steepness!

    • Not 100% sure but I think he rode his fatbike up the trail from the end of the pavement.