Transition Rapture CX Bike Jan 7, 2014

I have no idea what I just watched. It seems to be a viral marketing campaign for some kind of weird 29’r cyclocross hybrid bike with stoppy silver pie plates and colored moving parts. Whatever it is, I like the part with beer.


  • Sebastian Kills Francis


    • Ahab

      And Devo!

  • Davis Yarbrough

    Was that Adam Craig doing the beer handups?

    • EffOhEff


  • Jonathan Crain

    Am I crazy or is this the EXACT same frame as the new traitor crusade…. the geo looks the same, the fork looks the same, the curved stays…it even has the exact same colorways. I guess the dropout is the only difference?{ts_2014-01-07_23:26:38}-f1d021a901a2335-E291E465-DB5C-CECA-124B1C40C08DA791

    • Jonathan Crain

      oh yeah, they’re also both disc compatable. whats up with this?

      • jbkenney

        they are the same frame. the crusade was released by traitor, who is the road/cx/touring side of transition. guess they wanted to release it under the transition name considering the awesomeness of the frame and the bigger following of transition.

    • Jimmy Zwaagman

      Traitor and transition are the same company. Maybe just trying to appeal to the bigger audience?

  • Skytelgod

    lmao “29′r cyclocross hybrid bike” what the hell are you talking about its just a SSCX bike with riser bars and a adjustable rear drop out for chain tension.

    • Richard Smith

      Guh!! Idiot! ;)
      Reminds me of the whole “that’s not hardcore, that’s a post-rock skramzcore hybrid” discussion of about 10 years ago

    • I’m joking, can’t you tell?

      • Skytelgod

        Lol I was not serious either, I was just trolling ;-)

  • Jaap

    haha! love how it starts as a cheap cheap commercial and then turns in one of the weirdest videos I’ve seen this year

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    You’ve seen the Klunker, right? Radness abounds with the Transition dudes.

  • kog

    What kind of helmet was the guy wearing the long sleeve jersey wearing?

    • D0rk

      It’s a helmet coming out from Smith Optics called the Forefront

  • AC Crosswizard

    Adam Craig has zero body fat, not a problem for me.

  • Jaron Moore

    This makes me want to put a riser bar on my Casseroll..

    • Don’t do it. It sucks. I hated riding the Nature Boy with risers in LA.