This Trail Dog is Fast! Jan 15, 2014

That pup is so pitted! This is amazing. Makes me want a dog and trails like that!

  • matt w

    this is awesome! reminded me of similar dog/bike radness –

  • Adam Carter

    that dog takes some of the sickest lines. pretty amazing keepsake.

  • Jamie McKeon

    theeeeee best breed of dog.

  • Velo666

    Fuck me that dog is quick!! He even scrubs the jumps….. someone get that dog some sponsorship!!

  • Carl Anderson

    Sick. Thanks for posting this vid! Brings back great memories of rides with my dad’s aussie (cowdogs ARE the best ATMO). She was a ripper too! Problem is I never rode fast enough most of the time. and she was always like… SQUIRREL!….

  • matt

    that’s the single best video of all time…