The Old Bicycle Showroom Jan 25, 2014

Great find Tracko!

  • Guest

    I put a Wolftooth on my XT crank and its fantastic. I have a clutch der but haven’t had a chain drop yet with the clutch off. Lovely chainring thus far for my 1×10 setup.

    • Wrong post perhaps?

      • Erik Hillard

        Yep, haven’t been able to delete it or repost. Whatever, no worries.

  • Sam Minutiae Botts

    Loved the story, small gripe. Video is a visual medium. It follows then, that I want to SEE things in the video. The constant in and out of focus, done perhaps to be artsy, ruins this video for me. I am a cyclist and I am a cyclist who happens to love gear: bikes, parts, shoes, clothes, tools, and I kept wanting to SEE the bikes and parts in the video. Alas, all soft focus and quick cuts. Damn artists.

    • They might not have been able to stop the lens down (make less blurry) in the low light of those interior spaces.

  • Joe

    Im digging the MG sign in one of the shots!