Team Dream and PiNP Kit Pre-Order Jan 2, 2014








That’s a whole lotta’ photos!

Sean from Team Dream Bicycling Team and I have been scheming on this kit for some time now. Sure, it’s easy to take stripes and add some purple but how would it perform? Would the stripes make you faster? Would they throw-off your enemy’s range-tracking mechanisms? What about deer and bobcats? Would it scare them off the trails? The truth is, yes, the Team Dream and PiNP kit does all this and more. Oh and I gotta admit, they look fucking rad.

We went all out and produced one of the most comprehensive PiNP kits to date. I fucking love it! Sean loves it too, which prompted him to include a mystery “Surprise” PiNP long sleeve color option to the mix!

Pre Order Vest HERE

Pre Order Jersey HERE

Pre Order Compressor Bibs HERE

Pre Order “Surprise” Long Sleeve HERE

  • Tyler Morin

    Any chance we can get it in a XXL? I’ve lost a lot of weight but I’m not XL skinny yet!

    • Email Sean and ask him to put one in for ya.

      • Tyler Morin

        Will do! Thanks!

  • TomBremer

    How long is the preorder happening?

  • odenator

    If my endo unisex bib (gsc kit) fits perfectly in a medium do you think it’s safe to assume their compressor bib would also fit in a medium? Or should I order up a size to large?

    • Def. a medium. They’ll be tight the first ride, but then they feel great!

      • odenator