Sizemore Bicycle: Helen’s City Bike Jan 24, 2014



There are some great details on the latest build from Sizemore and some that I wish were explained a little more (like the custom theft-resistant seat mast). The tri-tube stem and rear derailleur cable routing are pretty boss though! See more at Sizemore.

  • Noel Smith

    I guess if they explained it it wouldn’t quite as theft resistant.. 8P

  • Pat Gavin

    How does the brake cable go through the seat tube without being rubbed by the frame?

    • Looks like there’s some sort of guide. What I want to know is, where are the fenders? It’s supposed to be an everyday bike!

      • TaylorSizemore

        Stay tuned on that one…

        • I expect they’ll be nice, there are some lovely original touches on this bike.

  • TaylorSizemore

    Seatmast is made from a Thompson post converted to expand internally. It’s theft resistant because it takes me 3 minutes to unbolt the saddle!