Shinola: Hand Built Steel Bicycle Frames From Waterford Jan 6, 2014

Sky is one of my favorite people in the industry. She’s a life-long badass, who’s been behind the scenes for some of the most influential cycling projects. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her over the past few months and if anyone knows the ins and outs to making products in the US for the cycling industry, it’s her.

Here’s a video from Shinola, highlighting their work with the oldest bicycle manufacturer in the USA, Waterford.

  • dan chabanov

    Meh I just want a watch.

  • Isaac Laughlin

    Not the oldest, but maybe the oldest you’d want to ride on the street,

  • Don

    Sure, Waterford is great. But Shinola is all a ton of marketing impudence. “Made in the USA” is stamped all over its advertising, but to anyone who knows half a thing about bicycles, it’s easy to see everything on there but the frame is Taiwanese. Chris King headset? Nope. Paul cranks? Nope. Selle Anatomica saddle? Nope. They didn’t even try. Let’s go watch those guys buy the Runwell Di2 frame for 4500, belied by all this marketing nonsense. Pathetic!

    • I think most frame builders consider their custom bikes “made in the USA” regardless of the components. Maybe it’s an issue? Maybe it’s not. I know I have a Bishop with all SRAM and overseas parts, I still consider it a custom frame / made in the USA.

      I agree, it’d be nice to see a Chris King on there and Paul cranks, but that’d raise the pricepoint even more. People already complain about the price. Sky has been spec’ing bikes for over a decade, she knows what she’s doing. Moreso than just about anyone else.

      Starting a company like this isn’t easy and it’s a bit frustrating for me to see the cycling community talk so much shit about them. They’re still making frames in the USA and keeping Waterford busy. Yet, people have to express their opinions about components, while missing the obvious point: they’re still making frames in the USA.

      I guess it pains people to note the positives these days, it’s like there’s a daily cynic award, given out to the snarkiest blog commentator.