Richard Sachs on His Present and Past Jan 28, 2014

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Meanwhile, over in the ATMOsphere, Richard Sachs posted a letter from Bill Hurlow, noting his recent deposit for a custom frame. This falls within the time period of RS’ life before he began building at Witcomb. Didn’t know he built for Witcomb? Don’t worry, I didn’t either.

A lot of frame builders have a dialog they’ve perfected over the years, as to why and how they began making frames. For me, reading this letter from ’72 and Richard’s perspective on it really resonates.

If you’re interested in custom frames or framebuilding whatsoever, you should really get over to Richard Sachs‘ blog and read this article.

  • Mike Ingham

    That’s absolutely priceless!
    “I suggest you refrain from further alterations to your specification…”

  • Brad

    Crazy, W.B.Hurlow was only 30 minutes up the road from me here in England.What a small world,unbelievable.

  • Adam Miller

    I love this. “Abandon the Cinelli flush fork crown the heaviest ever made.”

  • Da Electric Snake

    What a cool (c)atmo

  • Mark Stevens

    I’ve a fine photo of Bill talking to Harry Carrington and Ron Cooper in 2000. The latter pair were at Herne Hill on my invitation. I had a display of 10 Gillotts from my collection so invited Harry, the manager who instigated frame building in 1945. The 3 had not met since the 1960’s.