Richard Sachs ‘Cross Team 2013 Servizio Corse for Sale Jan 15, 2014


Yikes! The Richard Sachs ‘cross team had but one bike that remained unridden throughout the season. A back up if you will. Now, that bike is up for sale, via Velocipede Salon. I doubt it’ll be cheap but I’d kill for a House Industries Richard Sachs bike!

Head to Velocipede for details.

Edit: turns out, this one sold already…

  • Jacob Felton

    I got to peep one at the nationals this past weekend, definite sex appeal.

  • Cameron

    That one sold already according to Mr Sachs. Looks like shortly after he posted it for sale.

    • dowh. oh well, it’s still a great looking bike. I won’t take the post down… ;-)

      • Cameron

        Great looking bike for sure! So classic and iconic yet still modernized with the House Industries graphics/color updates. Pulling off that combo of timeless and new at the same time is a rare feat.

  • dan chabanov

    More units will be for sale in a week or so. These will be used though.

  • Tyler Shannon

    hot damn!

  • Jake Ricker

    Who would you kill?

  • Sebastian Kills Francis

    people actually do kill people for less than the cost of this sale.
    : (