Recent Roll: Stanridge Speed and Death Spray Custom Highstreet Track Jan 28, 2014


I’m usually pretty good at keeping my film in check. Especially on my Mamiya 7ii. It literally costs me $2 every time that shutter button is pressed. So you can imagine my regret when I went to load a new roll of film after shooting some photos at Standridge Speed, to find my camera was loaded with Kodak TMAX 400 black and white.

I had just photographed one of the raddest bikes, with the brightest and most elaborate paint jobs, in black and white film, yet it still does Death Spray Custom some justice. To top it off, I left all my extra film at home, so I couldn’t shoot more.

For a full color Gallery, shot digitally, head over to last year’s Beautiful Bicycle post.

  • AdamEldridge

    The whole digital shoot hinged on a memory card from a tiny camera store buried beneath a parking garage! Thought you were gonna lose your marbles and a fiancé! So lucky and thankful. Say “hi.” to her for me.

  • Lemontime

    Valves don’t line up I don’t wanna know about this.