Recent Roll: Long Live Summer Jan 22, 2014



I keep finding rolls of film in the bottom of my bags and stuffed in with unexposed rolls. It makes for a pleasant surprise, especially when it reminds of my time in Minneapolis this past summer. Jeff’s got one killer van and we had a blast loading it up and hitting the trails at Lebanon on the Krampus.

Speaking of Minneapolis, I’m pretty sure I’ll be at Frostbike. See ya there?

  • Jeremy Horner

    that van is excellent!

    • Jeremy Horner

      also, please spring/summer hurry the fuck up.

  • One Eyed z

    Dang. This was the year that I planned to return to FrostBike after missing the last several year. However, I entered CIRREM, a hilly, 65 mile, gravel race here in Des Moines the same weekend.

  • spcycuttlefish

    did you mean exposed roll, not unexposed

    • No, I mean exposed rolls in with my new film.