Brown to El Prieto

When it comes to Los Angeles mountain biking, Brown is one of the most common trails. On the weekend, it’ll be packed with people climbing up the fire road and then bombing down El Prieto, a technical trail, best described as having lots of consequences.

Drop-offs down ravines, sharp turns, protruding rocks, slippery descents. It’s a blast. One morning Moi, Sean, Kyle, Ty and I headed to do a quick 14 miles and 2,000′ before Golden Saddle Cyclery opened for the day.

Tools of the trade:
Yashica T4 / Fuji Neopan 400

  • hans

    this is my regular loop, cool to see some black and white shots of it. i just saw a baby diamond back up there on Saturday

  • CM

    I’m really diggin #9 and especially the split shot on #11. Keep it up

  • Doug M.


  • Glenn Weatherson


  • Bit rough as source was low res.

    • Yeah, I didn’t have time today to do that. haha – thanks!

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    TY! JESUS.

  • Adam Miller

    Love the black and white shots. Also love the MSOJ license plate frame.

  • Jake Ricker

    Really like that double tree shot.

  • PNT

    Ty has the best approach to bike riding!

  • Brett Rothmeyer

    looks real grainy for 400. warmer water to develop?

    • it’s Neopan which tends to be a little grainier than HP5 or Tmax. But yeah, if I had time to develop myself, I would. This is all the lab’s settings.