Mash SF: Larz Wolvh Jan 15, 2014

This might just be the best Mash video yet. The Wolvh is in SF.

  • Evan

    lol is that guy riding a 650 wheel? People still do that?
    Also yay for the first video where people aren’t riding into on coming traffic!

    • Jon B.
      • Evan

        …Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess?

      • that thing looks like an awesome hotrod

      • I’m surprised he still has that thing. I think he rode it to NAHBS what like ’07?? Time flies.

    • It’s a pursuit frame – designed for 650c front – do yourself a favor and google or search this site for “Garrett Chow”

      • Evan

        Im well aware of who Garret Chow is, it doesn’t really make the bicycle anymore attractive to me.

  • Terry DIxon

    This video is soooo good!!! Thumbs up Mash!!

  • JLN

    FUGAZI. Enough said.

  • Robert0321

    These video’s just keep getting better and better


    Why all the raddest track bikes cinelli make are aluminium?

  • Matt

    Love the mash guys. I’m gonna start showing these videos to all the roadies that ask me why I ride a track back…….shit is fun!!

  • grosserpreis

    they need to make a new full length

    • grosserpreis

      morford where u at?

  • Gnarly_Charlie

    Dude can fucking pedal.

  • Luke

    Loving Fugazi but seriously, few of them should adjust their seat height.

    • Those dudes are all pretty accomplished cyclists. I’m pretty sure they know how to set their bikes up.

      • Luke

        So am i and from what i learned biomechanics are not to be fucked with. To get some proper torque, you need at least a bit of heel drop. Their settings are far from that..they may have the feeling they can spin faster, but in reality they give up quite a few watts. You can check that using a stages power meter for example. Show me one modern era track cyclist who rides something similar..