Looking to a New Year Jan 1, 2014


As evident in the Year in Photos post, this website is and will always support the excitement found in riding bikes of all kinds.

Over the years, I’ve noticed people who were generally enthusiastic about track bikes and fixed gears talk down on other forms of cycling and it bums me out. As a population, cyclists should be kind to each other, share the road, trails and paths with our extended family and most of all, have fun.

If you’re reading this website, I doubt you need anyone to tell you this, or to ride more in general, so just know that I’m here for ya!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s warm and sunny outside.

Thanks to Chris Piascik for the killer illustration!

  • Samuel Lopez

    Track bikes are fun, but getting rad and catching air is where its at.

  • David Hall

    well said John, all the best for 2014

  • Rustie Kaster

    Great perspective. Happy New Year and safe wedding planning and riding in 2014. I was in Austin over the break and bumped into your (serota’s) old Tokyo Fixed cruising downtown. Nice dude riding named Andrew, I think. Keep up the great work for my daily cycloblog fix. Thanks man!