In Stock: Necronomicog Nature is Metal Socks Jan 7, 2014



Nature is Metal, without even trying. It’s desolate, solitary and yet, majestic. As night falls upon the forest, you quickly realize how insignificant your existence is. Or something like that. Look, #NatureisMetal and the Necronomicog’s got your back.

Made by DeFeet in the darkest of forests in North Carolina, these Aireater socks will keep your feet happy as you shred your sled through the woods. Necronomicog logo designed by Kyler Martz.


  • FF

    not even merino?

    • They’re Aireaters. The most versatile and durable sock DeFeet makes. Woolies don’t hold the detail for as long.

      • FF

        What woolies also don’t hold it the smell and they keep your feet warm.

        Greetings from Finland.

  • Ashton Ireland

    only smalls? or am I a few hours behind the Necronomicog

  • jamie

    any progress on a pre order for these ??

    • Do you mean the first order or me starting a pre-order?

      • jamie

        No if your going to start a pre order ?

        • Ah. Ok. I guess I can. I wanted to get all the socks out from the first order before doing anything.

          • jamie

            Yep for sure ! I was just wondering if you were going to have a pre order ! No rush !