Sean’s Cielo Cross Racer by Jesse Carmody

My friends in Los Angeles have pretty exceptional talents and taste. Speaking of the latter, Mr. Sean Talkington took advantage of Cielo’s industry pricing at Interbike and put down a deposit on one of their snazzy Cross Racer models. Sean’s new to cross bikes but he couldn’t pass up the deal! After a few months of waiting, his bike showed up and the capable hands at Golden Saddle Cyclery built it up for him.

Sean also works at Golden Saddle part time and is hoping that more customers will look to Cielo for an option when it comes to a MTB, road, touring or cross bike. Since he promotes made in the USA products through Team Dream, he felt like it was time to support US frame builders like Cielo.

Back to this build: You can have a completely dialed bike, but even underneath all that Chris King and SRAM components, bad photos will never do a good bike justice. Luckily for Sean, he’s good friends with Jesse Carmody, an exceptional photographer. Man, Sean really is living the Team Dream Team Dream.

As the sun was setting, these two went out into the woods and the result is in the Gallery!

  • Keith Gibson


  • MattF

    Anyone able to ID that saddlebag?

  • Jaap

    ditch the fanny pack and that’s one cool ride

    • It’s a flat fix kit. Tire lever, tube. Ain’t a saddle bag…

      • Jaap

        perfect for in a jersey pocket

        • I don’t know about you, but I don’t always ride in a jersey, especially on dirt.

          • I rarely wear a Jersey and most of time my flat fix kit ends up in my rear pocket or backpack

    • michaelvsShark

      Waist pack* and still the wrong term.

      • according to your link, “Silly yanks, fanny= bum”, and as this pack is right underneath your bum, it would make it the perfect term, wouldn’t it? BTW I’m Dutch, so please excuse my English if I make a mistake :)

    • Robert0321

      Following the link in your profile i see that your bike has it’s water bottle cage mounted under the saddle, what’s that about?

      • It’s for dinking on 100km+ rides through hills, fixed. The frame has no holes for cages, so I used the 2 (ti)bolts used for clamping my seat to my frame and made an aluminium bracket for it. This way my frame stays clean.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    My my my my Cielo!

  • kasual

    Great looking bike. Curious about the the tubing for these frames, haven’t been able to find any info.

  • Albster

    You Rapha/Golden Saddle/Mash/Prolly/Brooklyn/Mudfoot dudes just can’t get over ENVE. Bike would be perfect with a Thomson Masterpiece Zero Setback. I mean it’s not like Sean is using a saddle with oversized rails.

    • btdubs

      ENVE is pretty cool. But I don’t see the point in running the skewers if you don’t have the wheels. C’mon man!

    • All ENVE posts come with two sizes of wedge clamps: one for OS and one for normal rails.

      I have one ENVE post on one bike. The others have Thomson or PAUL. Mostly Thomson. Also, what on Earth are you even trying to say by naming all those brands / shops / blogs / cities / teams? Plenty of people ride ENVE. They’re a great company that makes exceptional products and are employing a great deal of people in their US facilities. I’ll support that anyday.

      You also know that Mudfoot was sponsored by ENVE with those bikes, right?

      I’m sure Sean is losing sleep because you want him to have a Thomson Masterpiece… ;-)

  • Kevin Ehman

    putting those ENVE skewers on the podium w/ Salsa and Zipp

  • Robert0321

    I tried looking for something i didn’t like about the bike, still searching.