Ryan Wilson’s Roadscape Photography

As cyclists, we look at roads, paths and tracks a little differently. We notice the nuances of undulation, the tipping point of turns and with each climb, we relish the descent. Some individuals can evoke emotions with a single photograph.

Instagram is great for many reasons, but one of which is sharing your environments with users all over the world. I travel quite frequently, but one man’s photographs always give me road envy. Known on the app as @RMDUB, Ryan Wilson is, by all means, a roadscape photographer.

Ryan works in Hollywood as a sound designer. He’s lived in Los Angeles for over 6 years and only recently ventured into the surrounding mountains, upon buying a road bike. For the past 3 years, he’s been exploring all the various veins of asphalt that trickle down the faces and flow into the valleys.

In August 2012, Ryan loaded his road bike into his car while on assignment and drove north to the Sierras, from that point on, he always travels with his bike and has been to some of the most majestic roadways on the west coast.

So what kind of camera does Ryan use to capture these breathtaking vignettes? The pocket-sized Sony RX100M2 with Carl Zeiss optics. Or his iPhone.

  • Enrico Pandrin


  • Pat

    So rad! I want to know more about that camera though, looks like a killer option that fits in a jersey pocket.

    • I have one. It’s the best option out there for size / price. I researched for months before buying one!

      • Was wondering if you’d used one, John. I’m also looking at it to replace my thrashed Lumix LX5. The 24mm wide end on the Lumix gets a lot of action though, wondering how much I’ll miss it in places where I can’t step backward.
        A proper shoulder strap is much more useful than jersey-pocket fitment to me, if I take a compact camera on a ride it’s slung across my body.

        • 24mm isn’t 24mm on that lumix FYI

          • Noted. Amazing pictures by the way, are Ryan’s images just on Instagram?

          • Correct

          • rmdub

            Thanks! Someday I’ll put something together, but just Instagram for now.

        • stefanrohner

          LX5 is a perfect camera, if change go for LX7 what has a grey filter and with 80ASA the change to get speed pictures from on bike in strong sunlight.

      • Jamie McKeon

        i never see rx100 photos on here though! that camera blows people away

        • Because I’d rather just shoot with film if I’m gonna carry a small camera.

    • Eric Baumann

      Though not as small as that Sony, another awesome camera for riding is the Ricoh GR…16mp APS-C sensor and fits in a jersey pocket or small handlebar bag. No zoom though, its one downside (for most), personally I dont really mind, one less thing to think about while riding and shooting ;)

      • Yeah but that camera doesn’t like dusty, dry climates…

        • Eric Baumann

          I dont doubt you’ve formed that opinion from experience, but mine didnt have any trouble with a dry and dusty d2r2 this past august, granted thats not Texas/Australia/where-ever you were. On the opposite end of the spectrum, ive also gotten it fairly wet, getting caught in a rain storm on the top of a big French Alp, still worked fine, capturing gorgeous images in the rain and surviving a LONG/FAST rainy descent (Col du Glandon)…overall, ive put mine through quite a bit and the thing never missed a beat. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend it to anyone, its small, well built/designed, very easy to use, and the image quality is stunning.

          • Yeah, I bought one and took it out in the middle of summer camping, only to have it freak out. Took it back and got the RX100. I’ve read good and bad things about that camera, most of which sounds like they’re just having difficulties with consistency in production. Glad to hear yours is working out!

  • Jake Jackson

    Any chance of getting a full res copy of #1 and #16 for background images?

    • rmdub

      Shoot me an e-mail… ryanwilson313 (at) yahoo.com

  • Adam Miller

    Awesome. If his goal were to make me want to visit every last one of those places on a bike, he could not have succeeded more perfectly.

  • hans

    really great shots

  • PNT

    great! picture #18 just kill me

    • Adam Miller

      Agreed. It doesn’t look like it should be real.

    • Richard Smith

      So so beautiful

  • stefanrohner

    nice work.

  • ZianStudios

    Goodness, I need to bring a bike to California

  • #ryanwinsagain

  • stateofnonreturn

    Really great photos of Sierras esp. Monitor Pass. Looks like Ryan was up there during early fall which is a great time to go since it’s so quiet and crisp. Monitor Pass top view below.

    • rmdub

      Nice one! Such a great road. My Monitor photos were from Sept/Oct of 2013, so the colors were popping pretty good. Definitely a great time to visit the Sierras (though there is no bad time IMO).

      • stateofnonreturn

        Mine too! I did a tour from Lake Tahoe to June Lake and back in Oct. 2013 (mostly 395 and 89). The scenery is just incredible. Bridgeport valley and June Lake loop were my other favorites. I couldn’t ride up to Tioga Pass because of the park closure. So it’s an unfinished business which I’ll try this year again. Keep taking great photos!

        • rmdub

          Tioga is definitely worth the trip back. Try to go the week before it opens to cars, because they usually plow it early, and let cyclists/park workers in. Then you don’t have to deal with the people in RV’s! I’m hoping to do that again this year.

  • JLN


  • davewyman

    I like the Panasonic LF1 for cycling because:

    It slips into a jersey pocket.

    It has a viewfinder; not the best but more than good enough when it’s too bright outside to see the LCD.

    It’s got a 12MP sensor – coupled with it’s F/2 lens (at the wide end), noise is kept at bay.

    It has a 28-200mm, more than enough to offer a wide feel at the short end, and long enough to create the juxtaposition of tiny cyclists against massive mountains.

  • Antoine

    I can’t think of an image that’s made we want to ride my bike more than #18, well on the road anyway. RX100 is a great cycling camera. I specifically bought mine for the low-light capabilities of it’s big(ish) sensor combined with a tiny form-factor I can always have on me. Most of my shooting (and riding for that matter) seems to be at night of late. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/tags/monkeylight/

  • MidAtlanticWoman

    Thank you, Ryan Wilson, for showing me that Bakersfield is not only lawns made of green rocks!

  • DaveR

    Nice pics !

  • Lunalicrichard

    WOW , never realised California had so many different scenery’s . Great pic’s people !!!

  • bonitos paisajes, muchas felicidades.

  • steveMcBeth

    Number 14. Long,long way home. :-)

  • catsholiday

    You have some truly awe inspiring photos here

  • Curtis Kiser

    Beautiful photos, was wondering if you guys (John, Ryan) use protection on your Sony’s when riding or just slide em in a pocket.

    • I put all my cameras in a plastic bag when I put them in a jersey pocket.

      • Curtis Kiser

        Thanks John, I just picked up a RX100 and didn’t want to bulk it up with a case, always use a baggie on my phone so glad to know the same will work.

  • FordOLoads

    truly magical photos!