Geekhouse Bikes: Marty’s Wormtown 29’r Jan 6, 2014



When I first met Marty at Geekhouse, he told me the very same thing: “Mountain biking is what first got me into cycling way back.” Here’s the second hardtail I’ve been looking at over the weekend and it just so happens that this one, like that Firefly is also from Boston.

He’s working on a batch of five, so put your order in. The Wormtown 29’r features 410mm stays, 142×12 axle, cut out seat tube and yes, those bright Geekhouse powder coats. Check out more at Geekhouse!

  • Chris Valente

    My jones for a hard tail 29er has been growing a lot recently and this post is only fuleing the fire!

  • James

    Love their paint but why can’t they put the decals under a clear coat?

    • It’s powder – you can put decals under the clear with that, but I think they’re going for more of a utilitarian feel. Less of a pristine ride, more of something nice that you don’t mind getting scratched up.

  • mookauu

    The way the bars and sanctions match makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.