FYXO: Black Campagnolo Croce D’Aune Deltas Jan 16, 2014


Talk about a brake with an evil reputation. Incompetent people claim they don’t work. Lovers of vintage Campagnolo worship them but few have had their cycling mitts on a set of Croce D’Aune Delta brakes. FYXO has a set of these in his web shop for sale. They’re so evil, I had to crucify them upside down.

Cast your $666.00 at FYXO.

  • schue113

    I like that you noted that incompetent people can’t set up Campy Deltas but faltered with the belt drive. There is a dude here in MPLS that rides them in the winter with flat bars.

  • Oli Brooke-White

    It’s not that they don’t work, it’s that they don’t work well. And I consider myself reasonably competent, thanks.

    • Oh come on, I’m just being halfway serious.

      • Oli Brooke-White

        Whoops, I’ll get my coat…