Firefly: XTR and Wolf Tooth Bliss Jan 25, 2014


As much as I love SRAM’s XX1, Shimano is just so smooth, so when I see someone building a bike with the latest XTR group, I get warm fuzzies. Especially with one of those snazzy Wolf Tooth rings and Di2. Leave it to Firefly to build and photograph every bike like it’s a show bike. See more at the Firefly Flickr!

To answer any questions: yes, I’m building my new hardtail with XX1.

  • Einar Andersen

    Dura Ace 1×11. Damn that sounds awesome.

  • FireFly

    Thanks Prolly! This bike is also Di2 :: Just for fun :

  • Chris

    The world needs a real electronic mountain group.

  • Erik Hillard

    I put a Wolftooth on my XT crank and its fantastic. I have a clutch der but haven’t had a chain drop yet with the clutch off. Lovely chainring thus far for my 1×10 setup.

  • Richard Smith

    Why no chain device? Have you changed the spring in the rear mech, or does thing drop chains ALL THE TIME?

    • Richard Smith

      Ohhh, clever chainring. cool!

  • mookauu

    Doesn’t that rear derailleur max out with a 28T cassette? Or does the smaller ring up front allow for a wider range cassette?

    • That’s a good question for @Firefly

      • mookauu

        Sorry, not trolling! Just geeking out over component compatibility. I don’t have a Flickr account to comment and ask them because I suck at the internet.. Gorgeous bike nonetheless!

        • Oh, I was just saying that I’m not sure and I wondered the same thing. I’m not sure Di2 has a long cage rear derailleur. All i’ve seen is Ultegra with a 32t – see below!

    • FireFly

      We used K-Edge to do conversions to Di2 derailleurs making them compatible with a 36 tooth cogs. They also make the pod shifters and a bunch of other cool stuff :

  • btdubs

    Damn these things are so sexy they should be illegal.