Firefly: Ti Hardtail Shred Sled Jan 5, 2014


‘Round these parts, MTB season is upon us and I’m stoked to get out and race, which has me looking at all kinds of hardtails. First up is this Firefly. See more at the Firefly Flickr!

  • Three speed?

    • FireFly

      Yes, a three speed for the legendary Mike Ramponi. He calls it a couple of things… The “pahk to pahk” bike (that’s park to park for you non-new englanders) and the “High, Low and Billy-bailout” bike. I say business up front and party in the back, but regardless he is fast on this thing.

  • Jacob

    Any reason why the brake cables were left so long?

    • FireFly

      That’s how Ramponi rolls. I tried to get a straight answer out of him but he kept changing the subject. Maybe it’s one of his signature moves. Probably has a reason though, he’s been racing since the Fat Chance days….

      • … and besides. They’re not THAT long. I can’t help but look at the wishbone seatstays!

    • btdubs


  • James

    John, what happened to your Indy Fab MTB?

    • I still have it and ride it all the time! I just need front susp and the IF isn’t susp corrected. Besides, it’s not the kind of bike that needs / should have a front susp fork. It’s a rigid beast!

  • hans

    that thing is rad. dig the 3×1 set up. all business