Firefly: Paint it Black Jan 14, 2014


Say what you will about fancy paintjobs, with custom anodizing, but a murdered out black bike (albeit with a few color highlights) will still look so freaking rad. The latest from Firefly has me thinking about what color (or lack thereof) I’ll be painting mine.

  • hans

    what color you’ll be painting yours?! rad!! love the look of purple anodizing :)

  • Baler71

    All black everything, minimal purple graphics and some purple ChrisKingBuzz….
    You’re welcome

  • Richard Smith

    Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue…

  • Wade Stevens

    wait, what?
    you’re getting a Firefly?
    so fucking rad. and metal. Ti metal.

    • I bit the bullet and put a deposit down. 11 months to save up / sell everything I don’t need.

      • Wade Stevens

        Very excited to see what you end up doing and how you like it compared to the Bishop and the Argonaut. Curious what you “don’t need.” You have a pretty diverse stable, and bigger since you’ve gotten back into MTBs.
        I’ve always wanted a Ti bike since watching Merlin weld in the early ’90s. When I have one made, it will probably be a Spectrum (always been a Tom Kellogg fan, and he’s near where I grew up) or a Firefly (the force of Chance/Fat/IF is strong in them …).

        • It’s going to be a cross bike.

          • Robert0321

            Are you gonna sell the Geekhouse then? And is it going to be a steel or Ti bike?

          • GH will be a race bike. 1×10 or 11 with a wolf tooth and race wheels. The Firefly will be my travel bike, Ti cross.