Dustin Klein of Cadence Painted this Ritchey Swiss Cross Jan 24, 2014

Swiss cross WIP

To commemorate a forthcoming collaboration with Ritchey, Dustin Klein from Cadence took the time to personalize his new Swiss Cross frameset. I love seeing projects like this unfold, especially with companies like Cadence and Ritchey, both of which make exceptional products.

Personally, I think the Cadence x Ritchey stems look great and I can’t wait to see what else they’re cooking up!

Until then, check out the process and completed bike photos below!

Swiss cross in the que

REload x Cadence Decade Messenger Bag

Swiss cross WIP wailing wall

ritchey stem mounted side view

Swiss cross cassett

Swiss cross downtube detail

Swiss cross head tube

Swiss cross saddle

Swiss cross stem

Swiss cross suffer back to front 2

Swiss cross suffer back to front

Swiss cross suffer club

Swiss cross TT

Full view

Swiss cross Front view

Full view-Saddlefixed

  • Alex Steinker

    Wow! Those I’d love those times on my swisscross. This is pretty great.

  • dumdum


  • dumdum


  • Tyler Johnson

    DUSTIN! This rules. Keep it up dude.

  • JLN

    So good.

  • Steven Keyes

    I’ve got my collab. stem and it’s oh sooooo nice.

  • walter hubbard

    cool build, but he probably better check that mini-moto cable routing – cable goes under the bolt.

    • lecter

      for crying out loud what difference does it make…

      • Sebastian

        It makes a difference when you’re looking at bikes on the internet. Obviously.

      • walter hubbard

        if you used, installed, and/or serviced those brakes on a regular basis you might not ask that question.

        to answer your question, however, the slot for the cable clamp is machined below the bolt, not above as it. this Is not intuitive, and it’s easy to miss. the difference it makes, since you asked so nicely, is that one way holds the cable securely, and the other way doesn’t. just trying to educate.

        • Well put.

        • Aaron

          You can see it clear as day in the picture, now that you mention it.

        • Teddy Behr

          The rear crossover cable looks a bit wonky as well. This was prolly just a quick setup for the photo shoot. No doubt a superior mechanic would address these issues tout de suite, which is French for “right away”.

  • mywynne

    My OG swisscross wants that stem! And I dig the brake setup – the rear routing is a bit of a bummer for running something like mini-vs.

  • Peter Sagan

    Stop trolling J. That cable stop, hey wheels, and mullet brake’s are there for lolz right? If Tom wasn’t so drunk he would be maaaaaad

  • alex

    wow. just wow. not a good wow. i’ll bite my tongue about what he’s done to that frame, but can’t hold back on the build. this looks like it was expertly assembled on a walmart stock room floor beside the dusty machine that drills holes in bowling balls. i like cadence generally, but tom, PLEASE cut bait now.