Cinelli and Hans-Henrik Oersted Jan 29, 2014

CINELLI x Hans-Henrik Oersted

Cinelli celebrates former UCI sea-level hour record holder, and 2 time Pro Pursuit World Champion, Hans-Henrik Oersted with two limited edition replica jerseys: the Recordman 85 and Bassano 85. The jerseys look really rad, but I love this photo they used for the lead image!

  • hans

    both jerseys are sick. but i want to know why he’s spinning like that…..

    • hurricane_josh

      i’d guess either to put in time while giving his arse/hands/back a rest, or to target different muscles?

  • carl bradtmiller

    who is the schneider represented on the flank? the font is awfully similar to hans schneider of huntsville TX, but it seems a little weird otherwise being that cinelli is also a sponsor. i know he did race in europe for a while and definitely made competition track bikes, but probably not in ’85. some history dork can tell me, c’mon. also check out the old school nikes, another american contribution.

    • brewstuh

      Schneider may very well be Schneider electric, a large French corporation.

  • Teddy Behr

    I met him at Interbike 1986 in N.Y. Very nice guy and quite a good sense of humor. I wonder what I did with my signed Cinelli Laser postcard?