Brooks Re-Issues the Conquest Saddle Jan 30, 2014


The ever popular and sportier version of the Brooks Flyer, the Brooks Conquest is back. Meant for a touring, mountain, klunker or fatbike, these saddles are a bit longer, like a racing saddle, but offer a little more compliance for distance. Check out more information at Brooks!

  • trackosaurusrex

    This is RAD!

  • ridemagnetic

    B O I N G !

  • Jeepers

    So, maybe I am looking into it too much but: why is this advertised as “longer, like a racing saddle”? According to Brooks the Conquest is 280mm long, Flyer is 275mm, B17 is 275 and the Team Pro is the shortest at 273mm. The only saddles I found longer are the Cambium (283) and Swallow (285). I’m not trying to say Brooks is just making up arbitrary selling points here but what gives?