Bishop Bikes: Ryan’s 650b Randonneur Jan 30, 2014



Photos by Shannon Ayres

So… if Chris Bishop isn’t going to NAHBS this year, who’s going to win it? I’m partially joking but Chris’ latest work is mind-boggling. Ryan’s 650b Randonneur frame is absolutely stunning and I still can’t believe how many details are packed into this bike. Head over to the Bishop Flickr to see more!

  • quesofrito

    This is everything.

  • Eddie Jacobson


  • Insane design, planning and fabrication. Couldn’t ask for more from a builder, really.

  • Steve

    amazing, those racks are loaded with perfect little touches. the whole bike is.
    I don’t really get the logic behind 650b tourers though, (I know I know its a randonneur)
    -Surely youre commiting yourself to a life of awkward, expensive and hard to find spares?
    Is it more common in the states?
    still, really beautiful.

    • They use a 26″ tube just fine and tires are pretty available.

    • Jared Jerome

      650b Panaracers are like $20. Isn’t that normal for a tire?

  • shankshiv

    Pimp Juice!

  • Devin Jones

    J.P. Weigle-esque paint….just plain stunning!!!

  • NAHBS should still be pretty damn good this year…hopefully, its going to be my first year.

  • Eli

    Avery County Cycles FTW

  • Dan

    is everybody that has a cool bike in America called Ryan?

  • ChicanoHoodPass

    a boy can dream…

  • Noel Smith

    Best builder in the US?