John’s Seven Mudhoney Cross

At last weekend’s TXCX State Champs, John’s Seven Mudhoney cross immediately caught my eye as we were lining up for the 3’s. At first, I didn’t notice the wicked green flame-kissed front end, because the rear half of the bike had some sort of weird box-lined chevrons. Mudhoneys are usually pretty standard-issue. At least the ones I’ve seen, but this one’s got enough personality for all of them!

See more in the Gallery!


    That thing actually looks like it’s on fire! #hyperreal

    If I got offered some flames on my frame, I’d tell them to get lost.
    But after seeing this, I’d think again.

  • Dobry

    Normally, I don’t like paint jobs like this, but here, it just works. And that headtube looks so massive.

    I like how the pictures tell a story of something lovingly thrashed – cool way to capture the imagination by showing the scratched rear der. and drive-side bar tape, yet on a bike in impeccable shape that’s clearly been lavished with attention.

    How did you get the bike to stand up in the last two shots? … is the answer “ghosts”?

  • aaron

    down-tube gear cable routing? on a cross bike? called a mudhoney?

    • Some people don’t like running a pully or a TP converter on the FD. It’s also Texas, where it’s rarely muddy. But yeah, I would have went TT routing on everything. My cross, MTB and touring rigs are all setup that way.

      • EffOhEff

        I get that, but when I recently asked a frame builder this very question, he said that cables are going to get gnarly no matter what, and if your front derailleur is going to jam, its going to jam because of its actuation and physical properties, not a dirty cable. Regardless, my Spooky’s cables are all TT routed.

        • btdubs

          It’s definitely a matter of opinion. Yes, cables are going to get gnarly no matter what, but top tube routing makes them last just a little bit longer. Downtube cable routing is old-school, at any rate.

      • Kat Daley

        Any time a cable enters and exits a ferrule, it slows down because it is another friction point in the system (more friction = slower shifting). Top routed cables typically enter and exit 6 times, as opposed to 4 on downtube routed bikes. FDs that require pulleys are always meh, but top pull helps with performance. RD housing that sits on top of the seatstay just invites dirt from the wheel kicking it up in sloppy conditions, and way more than under the chainstay, believe it or not. The full length cable and housing is a solution, but it’s sloppy, heavy, and prone to slippage. DT routing can be completely sealed so that there’s no grit.

        probably more than 2 cents.

  • EffOhEff

    I wonder why they selected such a narrow DT and TT with a 44 head tube like that…

    • The narrow tubes are lighter.

      • EffOhEff

        I’d still take the huge amount of added strength for probably less than .5lbs added

        • Strength isn’t the issue dude. My cross bike is the same way. Haven’t had any issues

          • EffOhEff

            It may not be the issue, but greater tube diameter does add more stiffness, and a bigger weld area is stronger. I guess if some compliance is the point, then sure. Just putting it out there, nothing against Seven or Geek House.

  • James

    Just when I was starting to dig the 44mm headtube! Why can’t Pegoretti’s 40mm headtube be the standard? Not too big, not too small…just right!

    • Dude. You don’t know bout that Solid tapered head tube? It’s hot sex! Follows the taper of the steerer. So good!

  • Alexis Gosselin

    What brand is this beautiful seatpost?

    • El Dudurino

      Yes. Really love it. Minimal and strong looking. I was dreaming of something like that. Didnt know it exists. Anyone, please?

  • MattF

    Thats a Cat 3 bike?

    • When people are a bit older (not saying John is old, he’s probably late 30’s), they have different incomes and will pay more money for things like bikes. I’m pretty sure he pulled all these parts from his Specialized and swapped them onto the Seven. I don’t see the big deal. I have friends who race Cat 5 with nice cross bikes, that they also ride everyday, year round.