A Woman a Truck and Her Mountain Bike Jan 28, 2014


This is amazing!

“If mountain bikers use saws and other tools, it’s often to create wood features in the forest. Julia Hofmann used them for a different reason, though: to finish her bachelor thesis. No, she didn’t assemble a series of wooden jumps and drops for school, but rather transformed a Series 2A Land Rover into her travelling bike caravan. Simply put, the German racer built her own dream vehicle, a two-wheeler’s four-wheeler that she’ll use to get to riding spots the world over. Below, she tells us the story of how it all came together.”

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  • Jamie McKeon

    GAHH! dream car.

  • love the landy! Did sort of the same thing in France last year, the landy always brought me to best places, mainly on top of hills