A-Train Cycles: Chad’s Monster Cross Jan 29, 2014


Usually when a reader forwards me a bike, I have no idea what to expect but this time, I was immediately in awe. This A-Train Cycles monster cross has flowy singletrack written all over it. With those TRP hydro disc brakes I love so much and a big, fat tire for the contact patch, I betcha it rips! Not to mention that seat tube cluster and paint.

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  • Dobry

    Wow. It is really hard to make a Niner fork look normal on a bike like this (ie, not take the viewer’s entire focus), but A-Train did a great job making everything fit together. What a beast!

  • hans

    i dig everything about this. just the bare minimum but executed perfectly. would love to try a similar wheel/tire set up on my own rig.

  • Erik Minman

    what tire is that? I think that would work well on my Country Road Bob.

    • If you click on the link, you can see it…

    • hans

      stans crow

  • Patrick Murphy

    Holy moly, this is awesome. I agree with Dobry, the whole package ties together well despite the mashup of beast vs. elegant. Middleburn cranks are a nice unusual touch.

  • No. 22_Bryce

    Fantastic work.

  • Ian


  • Richard Smith

    Wow! I can’t believe I’m feeling such lust for such an impractical bike

    • How exactly is this bike impractical?

      • Richard Smith

        Don’t take offence! It doesn’t have mudguards or lights or any braze-ons for a rack. It doesn’t have suspension and it doesn’t have any gears.
        I’m not dissing it, but unless you live within a very tight niche it’s never going to be your day-to-day ride. This is not a bike that would be owned by somebody without a substantial disposable income.

        • Plenty of bikes don’t have braze ons or whatever, they’re just products with a specific purpose. The only bike I own that has braze ons is my tourer, doesn’t mean my others aren’t practical. The MTB, road, cross, etc are all practical for their use.

          I’m only commenting on your word usage. I’m not offended at all, was just curious as to why you felt it was impractical.


        • Poolboy 1.0

          Many fenders clip on these days, same with lights, frame bags are becoming extremely common, suspension on a monstercross bike isn’t necessary, many bikes these days come without gears…

          The bike you’re describing sounds very niche…

  • shankshiv

    Love the “lugged” paint job.
    lll take a 61 please!

  • Adan Pinto

    It’s a beautiful one. Although, I prefer geared bikes, are funnier and you don’t reduce the life of your knees, back…
    I think the brakes are not the hydro, they look like mechanical avid sl7 or similar.

    • I couldn’t see any cables, just housing.

    • Trevor H

      I was thinking the same thing. the lever body shape was not quite the same as what the Hylex has, and the lever blade shape is different. As well as having the bb7 style pad adjuster showing. The pictures definitely disguise the cables if that is the truth.. Would really love one of these with the TRP hydros though!