2014 Amgen Tour of California: Prep Day

Yesterday (in California), I arrived at the host town for the first stage of the 2014 Amgen Tour of California. Most of the teams had been pouring into the parking lots for the days prior. Their mobile mechanics areas were glistening with overspray from bike washing, their rags hanging in the sun to dry and all the bikes were being prepped for the first stage.

Part of the reason I’m here is to check out what the guys at Skratch Labs are doing for the tour, which I’ll elaborate on this week. Their task yesterday – Saturday afternoon – was to fill 150 water bottles – bidons – for the first stage.

Skratch is doing a “Neutral Human Support” car. A vehicle that will offer up free bottles, moral support and other forms of encouragement to the racers, regardless of their livery. 150 bottles, stuffed into coolers, covered with ice and ready to be handed off to racers… it was going to be a warm day on Sunday – which it was!