Vanhulsteijn for Sotheby’s: The Urushi Bicycle Project Dec 9, 2013

People sure do love to meddle with the traditional tube layouts of the bicycle, in the name of form. Personally, I don’t mind and this Vanhulsteijn looks interesting enough. I like the frame treatment more than anything!

Here’s a synapsis:

“Exclusively for Sotheby’s Dutch designer Herman van Hulsteijn created a very special edition of 9 extraordinary Vanhulsteijn bicycles covered in a dazzling coat of Japanese Urushi lacquer and gold leaf.”

See more here.

  • Brian de Bruin

    A few weeks ago i had the opportunity to ride one of their bike’s, Its was surprisingly ridged and overall just a fun bike to ride.

  • op

    such beautiful craftsmanship for such an ugly bike.