Tuesday Teardown: SLEEP at Hellfest Dec 3, 2013

Fuck it. This is too good to not share. Does this mean I’ll be doing Tuesday Teardowns every week? Maybe. But no promises.


  • fucking yes. hadn’t seen this yet.

  • Bräd Männ

    Seeing them in Denver in January. Beyond stoked. Al’s bass tone is like nothing else live. And by “nothing else” I mean I felt it in my sinuses when I saw Sleep 2 years ago.

  • Patrick Taylor

    This rules! Agreed. ALL HAIL SLEEP

  • schue113

    There is a reason my track bike rocks only one sticker, and it is a Sleep sticker. It makes me sad to not see Tuesday Teardowns.

  • trackosaurusrex

    Jeff will be stoked!

  • EffOhEff


  • Christiaan2414

    Fuckin just comment that I love the PINPLP in insta and I do miss Tuesday Teardown and what do you do the next day? Thank you sir may I have another…..next Tuesday

  • No. 22_Bryce

    A Ric 4003 through 3 SVTS…perfect.

  • I love these guys! Thank you!!

  • jesus

    One of the heaviest bands on Earth. Caught them at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple twice and was completely floored!! Proceed the Weedian.

  • Gods among men.

  • zeeeeeeecore

    “drop out of life with bong in hand. Follow the smoke toward the riff filled land…”