The Iditabike 1988 MTB Race in Alaska Dec 6, 2013

Still continuing the snowy tradition since 1987, Iditabike has now evolved to a fatbike race. Before fatbikes however, brave souls ventured out on rigid MTBs with touring bits to compete. Here’s a documentary covering the 1988 event.

Personally, I’m sure the fatbike is a better suited machine, but this looks fucking rad!

  • Michael Morrissey

    I really like that the sponsors include Merlin, Salsa, and Iams Pet Food.

  • Fema Camp Counselors

    -15 with 3-4 feet of fresh snow in Duluth, MN. already!

  • Richard Smith

    Awesome video! It’d be nice to see more “historic” content on the site.
    This kind of ride is my worst nightmare. CanNOT deal with frozen feet.