The 2013 PiNP Holiday List Dec 9, 2013


Look, I already feel a bit self-conscious about how much PiNP encourages our consumer habits but it’s a part of life and I’d rather direct you to some legitimate holiday goods, then have you read some bogus list elsewhere. Most of these products on this list are in my personal collection and have become staples in my day to day life.

Some notes: Buy local if you can, your local bike shop probably sells gift certificates, so support them first and foremost. Most of these products are more “lifestyle” than cycling-related but there’s more to life than bike shit, right? Finally, most of these products are made in the USA!

Check out a few choice products you could buy this holiday season below!


Your Local Bike Shop needs you now!

It’s the winter. Local shops have a hard time making it through these next few months. Go in, buy someone a cap, a bottle, a pair of socks, whatever! Just support your local bike shop!


Snow Peak Titanium Flask $130

Part of the beauty of the holidays is you get to spend an absurd amount of money on a product that you’d never think existed. I bought one of these earlier in the year and if it taught me anything, it’s how to not lose a flask. Fill ‘er up with some Pappy or Fighting Cock, throw it in the nice pouch supplied and get on your way to a ride or a hike. Oh and the mini funnel supplied rules! Made in Japan.


Incase Portable Power 5400 $79.95

As an international jetsetter, I know how annoying losing your mobile’s power is. The Incase Portable Power 5400 is not only the first sleek back-up battery I’ve found, it’s also the best designed with its integrated USB charger cord. Charge your phone, or your Garmin with this device. I’ve used it on a few bigger rides where power was a concern.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 7.16.15 PM

SWRVE Merino Wool BLK LBL Cap $55

When the temperature drops and your ears begin to get cold, riding your bike quickly becomes one of your least favorite activities. That is until you find a good winter cycling cap. Look no further! Made in LA.


Topo Designs x Woolrich Klettersack $249

I love Topo’s products and I use them every day. Whether it’s the hip bag on my MTB, the shorts, or the nesting pouches for camera gear and tools, I love what Topo is doing! This special-edition Woolrich Klettersack is another luxury-item that your loved one would use for years. Other notable holiday products are the Ripstop Mountain Jackets and Camp Blankets. Made in the USA.


Paul Stainless Insulated Mug $35

Coffee, or tea. Or coffee and tea with bourbon. Any warm concoction you can think of will fit into this Paul stainless insulated mug just fine! Made by Kleen Kanteen.


Mash SF Cutty Cross Mug $25

Speaking of coffee, this is one of my favorite mugs, inspired by the backwoods, unsanctioned races Mash has been a part of, Cutty Cross! Made in SF.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 7.18.59 PM

RELoad Zippered Tote $99

I’d like to think that as most of us grow up from our messenger bag days, that we look at Philly’s REload for our day-to-day portage. Their new duffles and zippered totes are customizable and best of all, made in Philly!


Outlier Grid Linen Towels $28 – $120

You may laugh at the thought of a $75 linen towel, but I bought one earlier this year and used it every time I traveled. It’s amazing. Try out a small for $28, a large for $75 or an X-large for $120. Made in NYC.


DSPTCH Camera Straps $32 – $46

As a photographer, something I’m constantly trying out are camera straps, particularly ones that are made in the USA. SF’s DSPTCH has something that caught my eye early on: simplicity. Their wrist and sling camera straps will fit any kind of camera, for any use. Right now, I’m using the wrist strap on my T4 and the large strap on my 5Dmkiii. Made in SF.


Airblaster Merino Ninja Suit $189

When I saw this on Poler’s webshop, I literally lost my shit. How fucking awesome is this? First of all, it’s merino, so it’ll adapt to varying temperatures, not smell bad and second of all, it’s a friggen ninja suit!


Finally: Your local record shop needs you!

Go to your local music store and buy a CD, or an LP. Or go out and buy a turntable, receiver and speakers, then buy a few records. Support independent music! Fuck an illegal MP3!

  • All for supporting local music, but supporting independent sometimes means buying an mp3 too! don’t forget the little dudes who can’t afford to press some fancy vinyl.

  • trackosaurusrex

    For once…I am a-OK with everything on here!

  • sssasky

    Good list, but FYI – all Kleen Kanteen products are made in China, always have been.

    • Damn! Did not know!

      • sssasky

        I think you’d be extremely hard pressed to find a bottle company making steel bottles in the West (western Europe or NA). When Kleen Kanteen launched / exploded a few years ago, I remember reading about how their bottles would be $80 or something if made in the US, and they were more interested in getting a sustainable product into peoples hands.

        I still like them, and they are a responsible (looking) company.

        • Liberty Bottleworks makes their products in the USA. I’ve got three of them…

        • Sean Curran

          SIGG’s aluminum bottles are made in Switzerland, but like Klean’s the stainless are made in China.

  • kasual

    Now if only the people who bought me gifts read PiNP… time to start casually leaving this page open…

  • Aaron

    How do you poop out of the airblaster?

  • Rex Lombardi

    Ahh so cruel, the Ninja Suit only ships to the US and NOT to Japan :(

  • Jake Ricker

    I wanna be a NINJA!