The 2013 PiNP Calendar: December Dec 2, 2013


This is the twelfth layout of the 2013 PiNP Calendar, entitled “The Constant Climb”. The camera and location are noted on the bottom left of the document.

We’ve all read the metaphors eluding to the inherent connection of the bicycle and life’s struggles. You’ll find none of that here. This is the last month of the 2013 PiNP Calendar and I think this photo best represents the goal of the site, without even stating anything. Next year, I’ll be making a rather large change and I hope you’ll stick around for the ride!

Right Click and Save Link As – 2013 PiNP Calendar: December

  • Definitely keep em coming in ’14!

  • Alex Hillis

    What road is this? I grew up in Contra Costa County but I don’t think I’ve ridden this one…

    • It’s on Diablo

      • Alex Hillis

        Damn, I guess I don’t stop to look around enough when I’m riding it. Will have to take breaks next time!

        • My best rides have the most breaks to soak it in!