Specialized AWOL: Transcontinental Race Part 02 Dec 15, 2013

Here’s the second, gut-wrenching episode of the AWOL project’s coverage from the Transcontinental Race, shot by Ertzui. Watch as the road takes all Erik and Recep have to offer. The Stelvio section looks horrific!

Specialized AWOL: Transcontinental Race Part 01

  • Casey C.

    I’m so happy these films are on the internet.

  • FireFly

    I LOVE where this is going. So glad it changed from race to ride. The race part was bumming me out. Adventure is the new black. — Tyler.

  • Giovanni Pirajno

    This is so good… When the first preview was out last summer, people where questioning the authenticity of that Stelvio scene… LOLZ

  • Wow.

    I’ve never seen anything before that captures -that feeling- quite like this.

    Personally, I have some unfinished business with the Stelvio. The road was still full of snow when I was there, so I will have to go back one day.

  • Ham Sandwich

    the MOST fucked up thing is, i see him bonking his ass off in the freezing rain, about to lose his mind, and I can’t help but want to go ride up a big hill in the rain. I’m squirming in my warm cubicle right now. And I bet most of us are thinking the same thing. What the fuck is wrong with us?

  • Mike Hall

    Hi, I’m the Race Director of the TCR. When we saw Erik at the top of the Stelvio, he really did look a mess (as you saw). My first thought was; what have we done to him. Several hours later after he had showered, eaten, slept and put on fresh clothes and about to take the descent he was STILL shivering. Then he told me he thought the decision to have the checkpoint at the top of the Stelvio was “a masterpiece” – I think that was the greatest complement for the race and I was so happy that in his state he felt like that, those two are amazing guys with such love for riding – I can say from experience there’s nothing insincere about them and I have loved watching their story.

  • Tony

    This needs to be a feature film.

  • RogueRider

    Simply unreal… I can’t wait until the next episode.

  • Jamie McKeon