One of Those Golden Saddle Rides Dec 14, 2013


Photos by Kyle Kelley

Yesterday morning, Ty, Kyle, Sean, Moi and myself went out on a MTB ride. On the agenda: up to the top of Brown and down El Preito. I’d never done the full Brown climb before, the last time my rental bike broke down half way up the climb, so I was ready to see what all the fuss was.

We climbed up around 2,000′ from the trail head, soaked in the views of the Angeles Forest and bombed back down the double track to the El Preito entrance. On the way down, Ty found the elusive fatbike air!

El Preito was a lot of fun, especially on the Tallboy LTC. Tight switchbacks, rocky, technical descents down to stream crossings and lots of areas with “consequence” if you’re not paying attention. Basically, yes, it is an exceptional ride and worth doing if you haven’t!

Even though I’ve barely scratched the surface of all that Los Angeles has to offer on a MTB, I can say that what I’ve seen so far has me wanting more!

Check out a few more of Kyle’s photos below!







  • naisemaj

    Seeing those tires with that much air just looks wacky! Wish our trails were that clear here in colorado.

  • When in SoCal one must hit The San Juan Trail

  • Jon B.

    crossed-up air on a fat bike is the photo of the year.

  • LifeAndItsAdventures

    Dude, Ty, nice shirt! Is that regular flannel or something mtb-ey? And way to rip it on that jump!

  • Sky Boyer

    That double, is that part of the 151’s? As in 151 doubles in a row? I used to have ton’s of fun on that trail during night rides.

  • hans

    i love that climb, such a good vantage at the top too. this thing is close to my house, ends up being a two hour loop door to door if i skip the climb all the way to brown mtn and end up at the millard camp. i always have to hit that first water crossing a couple of times though, it’s so fun. would love to try it on a fat bike instead of my cross bike

  • how technical is the descent? thinking of doing it : D

    • Not bad at all if you know what you’re doing.