(Nose) Wheelie Wednesdayz! Dec 18, 2013


I know I bid adieu to Los Angeles already, but Kyle and I had to do one last thing this morning before I left…

  • campirecord

    For so many reasons, that’s a fucking sick picture.

  • pseudoepf

    Epic, Brah.

  • Jordan

    I need a hi-res version of this. So dope!

  • David

    This is so good! I’d love a wallpaper sized one!

  • Western Rapid

    Such a sick paintjob on these bikes – when are you posting the gallery?

  • Carl Anderson

    I swear I don’t usually ask these kinds of questions but… What jacket is that? Also, thats a pretty rad bike.

    • It’s a Rapha Raeburn jacket from last year.

  • Jamie McKeon

    HAS to go on the calendar

  • Pablo Castanon

    nice pic

    • That’s a Mudfoot team bike built by Stinner!