Mission Workshop: The Zurich Merino Softshell Hoodie Dec 4, 2013



Mission Workshop’s Advanced Projects continues with the Zurich, a merino softshell hoodie:

“The Zurich soft-shell hoodie combines a 4-way stretch nylon shell with a soft Merino wool lining. The outer-shell layer is constructed using Swiss-made Schoeller®-Dryskin fabric with a durable water repellent treatment. This durable 4-way stretch nylon fabric is engineered to provide breathability and moisture management in addition to wind and water repellency. The soft Merino wool lining naturally regulates body temperature, resists odor, provides moisture management, and stretches with your body.

The Zurich is a utilitarian garment ideal for high activity that features single welt hand-warmer pockets, rear zippered pocket, and a semi-fitted hood.

Made in San Francisco, California.”

  • Guest

    $365 fucking dollars for a hoodie, holy santa claus shit.

  • Guest

    $365 dollars for a hoodie, holy santa claus shit. Granted the guy looks super cool in it.

  • Glenn Weatherson

    $365 dollars for a hoodie, holy santa claus sh*t. Granted the guy looks super cool in it.

    • Sean Curran

      I’m really glad you had the perseverance to work through whatever issues you were having posting this, it definitely was worth rewriting 3 times.

      • Glenn Weatherson

        Thanks babe. I kept posting because upon refreshing they weren’t displaying then boom all 3 were there. Then while trying to delete, the first two weren’t deleting. Xoxo

  • Adam Herstein

    When I saw Schoeller DrySkin and merino wool, I knew this would be pricey. Still, MW makes amazing stuff and I have no doubt this is a quality product – my Bosun and Orion jackets are still holding up like new a year later. I’m not in the market for a hoodie, though, and I wish they’d make a non-hooded version. Same goes for the Faroe.

    • Yeah, anything MW does for AP will be pricey but hot damn is it nice.

  • sprint4burritos

    If I had a dime for every time I’ve been complimented on my MW jacket, I could buy another jacket.

  • sprint4burritos

    But realistically, I’d just be blowing through 2x the burritos, because who needs another jacket when I can just wear this one for any riding between 30 and 50F (aka the entirety of fall, winter, and spring in NYC).

  • Anthony O

    Got the MW email this morning. Trying to justify spending that much money on this. I will most likely get it soon. I do have to say, if MW lowered their prices even just a little, and maybe offered sales… sometimes, that would be much appreciated. I totally understand the quality argument, but lots of companies make serious quality products at more competitive prices. That said this thing is dope. 300 is what it should cost :) . Just saying.

  • Anthony O

    Looks Like some extra bike parts are going on ebay today:)

  • Andrew Wise

    BSNYC wrote about this guy today as well… http://bikesnobnyc.blogspot.com

    “These are clothes for people who are into audio and photography equipment, the cycling equivalent of what used to be called “metrosexuals.” (You might call them “techiesexuals.”) “

    • Agleck7

      Ha – sounds familiar

    • Devin Jones

      the bike snob…right on as usual lol

  • Ham Sandwich

    please dont delete any of the “santa claus shit” posts. glenn weatherson you fool!

    • Glenn Weatherson

      ۜ(סּںסּَ` )/ۜ

  • recurrecur

    I got the email today – but I can’t figure out whether this is a cycling-specific jacket or not. Anyone know? I’m really into the jacket, despite the price, but it’s my favorite two materials (merino & schoeller) in one garment.

    My feeling is that the price is reasonable, considering the quality of the materials and the fact that it is made in the USA.

    Any chance there’ll be a Prolly discount on this one? I love the MW Trigger I grabbed last year.

  • This looks and sounds killer. I wonder how the fit and length are in comparison to the Torre. If it has longer sleeves I want one.