Massan for Chrome Dec 13, 2013

I love watching Massan ride a track bike!

Chrome Industries worked with Kamp Grizzly to document Chrome Familia member Massan Fluker riding his bike and our Barrage in the hills and on the bridges of Portland. The film includes some of the best riding Portland has to offer including a gnarly descent of Burnside at 40+ mph.”

…and he’s a not a bad photographer either. Check out his URRRIE Zines for sale at Tracko!

  • Aaron

    what goddamn boss.

  • Zach Kahl

    Edit was not that good. Too abstract and the riding is lost in the nonsensical cut. Kamp Grizzly are obviously not cyclists.

    • Andrea Ferreira

      Chrome is obviously selling a lifestyle with this video. If anything is said to be “lost,” it would be that they didn’t over saturate this video with their product like most ads do. Instead, the rider is showcased and in the end, it does work because you’re talking about it.

  • mookauu

    I think we can all agree that Massan is the steeziest fixed-gear hill-bomber around, but he loses me everytime he takes his feet off the pedals and puts them on the downtube.

  • ding

    Wear a helmet! Bad promo.