Marc Marino Interview Dec 3, 2013


One of my favorite bike dudes to hang with (and photograph) was recently interviewed over at Optimus Fixed.

“OF: I remember you as a relaxed and interested person with a modest atitude. So do you have any special philosophy in live?

My philosophy in life at its most simple is to do what makes you happy. Take whatever opportunity you have to travel, and further yourself as a human. I’m lucky enough to be able to go all over the world, with people that I love, and get together on a level that pushes us all to our physical limits.”

Check the rest out here!

  • Richard Smith

    That saddle to bar drop is inspirational! Dude must be flex-a-ble

  • btdubs

    I totally agree with his philosophy.

  • John Reiss

    Nice interview(s). Multiple incidents of the proper photographer not being credited/ another photographer taking credit though

    • yeah… the shot above is mine.

      • John Reiss

        you, me, mike martin, hiro, some others…

    • Jake Ricker

      I think it’s weird there are photos of Fergus in there.

      Just because a dude has tattoos and a LOW doesn’t mean they are the same dude. Haha! :)