Man Down! Dec 5, 2013


Photo by Kyle Kelley

Sometimes, the course gets the best of you, or in this case, the tape! Kyle usually races singlespeed cross but with a bike like the Stinner Mudfoot edition, you can’t just let it sit around on race day. More on that bike once I get to LA next week!

  • Ian Stone

    I hope he ran the rest of the course.

  • Western Rapid

    How ’bout a Beautiful Bike gallery of that thing next time you’re in LA?

    • ” More on that bike once I get to LA next week!” ;-)

      • Wobiklingel

        Please don’t forget to ask what specific RAL colour this is! :)

        • Nope. That’s a secret.

          • Wobiklingel

            And what if I were to offer some really good bourbon?

  • Josh Bendall

    More like “Sram down” LOL amirite?

  • campirecord

    This the gorgeous mcfetrigde designed cx bike. Man that is hawth.

  • barry mcwilliams

    Back in LA next week? Right on. I’m planning on doing Disappointment on Mon or Tues…just saying…

  • btdubs

    Oof. That happened to me at a crit once. Not pretty.