In Stock: AARN 144#47 or 144#49 Track Chainrings Dec 10, 2013

Silver_Black-AARN Ring


A high-quality designer track bicycle chainring with a unique tooth profile designed for maximum engagement and minimal wear. Manufactured in Peabody, Massachusetts, USA, from certified 6061-T6 aluminum plate stock. These chainrings are fully CNC machined. All edges (front and rear) are machine broken with a 45-degree 0.010-in deep chamfer. Product is packaged in brown paper with a QC certification label and number, and shipped USPS Priority Mail.

Technical Details:
+Bolt Circle Diameter: 144-mm
+Number of Teeth: 47 or 49
+Supported Chain Type: 1/8-in Track/BMX
+Material: Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum
+Finish: Black or Clear Anodized

Now shipping internationally!!

Price $88 + $8 domestic FLAT RATE PRIORITY / $22 international FLAT RATE PRIORITY shipping.

SOLD OUT – Shipping this week.

*Our cost went up on these chainrings considerably and we decided to ONLY ship FLAT RATE PRIORITY due to slow shipping times in the past. We apologize for the increase in cost.

  • Malaysian

    Ordered a black 49, let me know if there’s any plans to do more purples though… Got a good candidate for dat anodize.

    • The purple rings were special – we won’t do them again…

    • FF

      You should’ve ordered a silver one and have it anodized somewhere.

  • Jason

    Will the omnium chain bolts work with these?

    • Robert

      Yes, the Omnium has a BCD of 144mm, like this chainring.

      • Jason

        I should have been more specific. The omnium chainring is 5mm thick and there have been problems using the stock chain ring bolts with aftermarket chain rings because of slack between the bolts and chainring.

  • stickone

    can you declare it as under 50 dollars to avoid extra taxes here in brazil ?


    • sure

      • Malaysian

        Maybe too late but any chance of doing same for mine to the UK?

        • I usually do that for all international orders.

          • Malaysian

            Great, thanks. Didn’t want to ask.

          • Kamal Balgobin

            So this will be done to all order to the UK? if so that would be great :)

  • Art Vandal

    Can I make a change in the order of 47 to 49?
    Wrote an e-mail.

  • Malcolm T

    Anyone have a pic of what they look like on C-recod cranks?

  • george91

    Order placed, hopefully its still in stock! I was gutted when I missed the last batch.

    • They’re still in stock! We made a couple hundred!

  • Art Vandal

    Hi! You got my e-mail with a request to replace 47 to 49? I have not received a response.

  • luketango

    Any possibility of a 54t?

  • Art Vandal

    Decided to make another order. Mistakenly written shipping address in Russian.
    Correct version sent to you e-mail [email protected]

  • Pete Knight

    what’s the average shipping time from the date of purchase if i live in los angeles? thanks

    • We’re gonna ship this week!

      • Pete Knight

        got it and love it. thanks John!

  • Blake Bartow Balkman

    Need. 49. Tooth. Ring. please. next batch?

  • Victor Lainé

    I need one too if there are still in stock? A black one, 49 teeth.